Divorce Consultation

Divorce can be one of the most destructive and painful processes a person goes through.  Although divorce ends a marriage, it does not need to sever family ties and relationships, especially when children are involved.  As a consultant, I strive to create a safe place where parents can share concerns with each other and develop a comprehensive plan moving forward that will be in the best interest of their children and family as a whole.

During consultation sessions, I:

  • Coach parents in improving their communication skills with each other.
  • Help parents develop a durable parenting plan post separation that entails when the children will see each parent during the week, weekends, and holidays, as well as how parents will communicate with each other moving forward.
  • Take a neutral role and help parents find alternative ways of settling problems, large and small and assist parents with appropriate problem solving skills.
  • Help parents create a narrative on how to discuss separation and divorce with their children.