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Child Specialist

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work."

- C.S. Lewis

Family Walking

As a child specialist, my role involves creating a safe and private environment for children to express their emotions, communicate concerns, and address questions and/or issues arising from their parents’ divorce. I conduct private sessions with the child(ren), alone and often times with siblings

Benefits of Using a Child Specialist

Interactive Engagement

Engaging activities such as games, puzzles, and art projects when working with young child(ren)

Plan for Wellbeing

Voice of the Child(ren)

Prioritization of the needs and interest of the child(ren), supporting them in articulating their feelings, thoughts, and concerns related to their parents’ divorce

Insight into the children’s emotions, concerns, and aspirations to help parents and their coaches understand their children and support their well-being during the divorce process and beyond

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