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Collaborative Divorce Coach

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

- Peter Drucker

The parents are in the driver's seat, not the judge.

Collaborative divorce is a legal process that allows couples to negotiate all terms of a divorce, staying away from the uncontrollable jurisdiction and toxic environment of litigating a divorce in court.  Couples use the support of a collaborative team, including attorneys, divorce coaches and a financial neutral, to reach an agreement on the critical terms of divorce: property, assets, debts, time sharing with children and support. 


As a collaborative divorce coach, I support parents managing these changes from the beginning to the end of their separation and divorce process. The goal is to support the parents’ and family’s well being throughout changes to their family structure.

Benefits of Using a Collaborative Divorce Coach


Support in navigating the complexities of evolving relationships while keeping personal and family objectives in focus


Emotional support throughout the divorce process


Development of a durable and comprehensive parenting plan that outlines time sharing, decision making and communication protocols


Shared construction and delivery of an age appropriate and empathic narrative to discuss the changing family situation with their family members and/or child(ren). 


Relationship management between clients, their partners, and the collaborative team to enhance communication and minimize misunderstandings

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