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Couples Therapy

Relationships are challenging. Whether you've found the right person, or are struggling to figure it out, relationships take work. 

  • Do you find yourself often misunderstood, disconnected or alone within your relationship?

  • Are you exhausted from repetitive arguments with your partner, trapped in a cycle of negativity?

  • Do you long for more open communication with your significant other?

  • Are you eager to cultivate intimacy, trust, and passion in your relationship?

Holding Hands
Young Gay Couple
Couple Walking

Life brings many curveballs – financial strains, parenting stress, family history, individual development and communication gaps. Many times, these common predicaments develop into a lack of closeness and connection in relationships.  


Couples counseling allows you to rediscover communication, connection and intimacy within your relationship under my personalized and confidential facilitation. Sessions allow us to freely express, identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts in a non-judgemental environment, transforming existing patterns that foster disconnection into healthier interaction and understanding. 


I am a dedicated advocate for your relationship; fulfillment in your partnership is within reach.

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