Couples Therapy

Do you feel misunderstood, disconnected or alone in your relationship?

Are you tired of arguing with your partner where you feel stuck repeating the same cycles of negativity?

Do you wish you and your partner had more open communication?

Do you want to build intimacy, trust and passion in your relationship?

Sometimes couples get stuck, experience difficulty communicating, feel financial strains and pressure, experience a lack of intimacy, or experience stress related to parenting.  Couples counseling can give clients a safe and supportive place to talk about ones concerns and fears.

I am an advocate for your relationship.  Much like my work with adults in individual counseling, I strive to create a space that is compassionate and non-judging, allowing couples to express and explore the patterns within their relationship.  I can teach you how to ask your partner for what you need.  I can help you build a sense of intimacy and passion and help you understand how your family history can affect your relationship and how to get around it.