Individual Therapy

At times, we can all feel stuck.  Despite our efforts, we find that we make the same choices and follow the same old patterns that just do not seem to work for us.  Often, this is when we make the decision to get support from someone else.  Psychotherapy provides the space that is uniquely your own where you can feel a sense of safety, ease and be free from judgment.

There are many reasons why individuals seek therapy.  Sometimes it is to deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, or addiction.  Other times, it is related to situational stress around a personal relationship, divorce, loss, trauma, parenting, career changes or other life transitions.

My approach to psychotherapy is warmly interactive, and empathic; while providing support, insight and useful feedback to help clients resolve difficulties they are experiencing.  My philosophy is to empower my clients, helping them find the tools and resources necessary to  cope, and adjust to a changing situation or time of distress.  I provide a supportive and safe environment for clients to explore options, patterns from their past, and to gain a deeper understanding into themselves and their current situation.  I help clients understand more about themselves while improving the quality of their lives.

I work with individual adults, adolescents and couples to explore areas of concern and to develop new skills that will foster positive changes in themselves and their relationships.